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  • Drone usage is legalized in India by Ministry of Civil Aviation

    Is Done usage legal in India? Check out from our experts.

    As you may be aware, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India has announced today that Drone can be used by its owner effective December 1, 2018 by abiding its first ever made policy and regulations after many years work on it.

    I would like to know do's and don'ts on drone usage in India.

    Appreciate in advance for your in-depth answers on drone.
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  • Yes, fortunately enough, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, from Government of India has finally announced that Drones can be used in India now. the rule will be effective from December 1, 2018. According to this new regulation use of Drones or Flying of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) will be legalized across India from the December 1st 2018.

    The Ministry of Civil Aviation has framed a national drone policy, that will have fixed parameters of using this latest gadget. This parameter will even include as detailed a specification like height for its flights.

    As of now the commercial use of drones will not be allowed. Like in delivery vehicles, taxis or other services. But the policy says that it is open to positive changes as and when technology and need will ask for it.

    Right now Individuals and companies are allowed to fly their drones since December 1, 2018, But restrictions will be maintained in barred and military areas for obvious security reasons.

    Operators can apply for permissions through a portal (Digital Sky Platform) for the use of drones for photography or other recreational purposes. The applications will be instantly approved provided they follow the rules and regulations.

    The regulations also state that there will be no requirement for permissions for flying 'nano' drones, that weigh less than 250 gm, and fly within the visual range.
    According to the current regulations, five categories of drones will be permitted to fly as categorized by their weight. They will be nano, micro, small, medium and large in chronologically increasing order.

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