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    How can I get an .edu email address?

    How to get .edu mail address? Is it legal to get an .edu account even when you are not qualified? Check what our experts have to say about this?

    How can I get an .edu email address? I want to use it for buying a Microsoft service with discount. Do any Indian university give this type of email or any university from outside that allows correspondence course? Also, what is the validity of the email and what other services can it be used to for ?
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    If you are a student you can get a lot of perks and discounts to some popular and big retailers online. However, for you to be able to qualify for the said perks and discounts you need to have a proof that you are a student or attendee of college or university.

    Before, .edu website would allow any users to register an email without even validating if you are a student or not. However, as time passes by .edu changed the policy and it's not anymore allowing non-student to register being of too much exploitation using with the email.

    If you're going to ask me if this is legal to get an .edu email even if you are non-student to get the perks and discounts, my answer is you are still accountable. But, if you are really determined to do it there is a way to get it for free. All you need to do is to log on to the account creation page on California Colleges website and select that you're a College or Postsecondary School Student. This website allows everybody or anyone to sign up for email account. All you need to do is to pretend that you're a college student.

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