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  • Please suggest better SQL developer tool

    Looking for a better SQL developer tool than Oracle LLG express edition? Our technical experts are here to guide you through.

    Which is the most user friendly tool to practice SQL queries. I have found that Oracle 11g express edition not that great in user friendliness and it appears to be very laborious task to write queries. Could you suggest a better and user friendly tool also with faster download time?
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  • DataGrip is one the best user friendly sql query tool but I will rely more on Oracle for certain reasons. Though DataGrip supports MySQL, Oracle, SQL Serever, DB2, SQLite, H2 and other DBMS's but when it comes to security you should stick with big firms because they invest a lot in security features. DataGrip is convenient no doubt but unless you are working on something which is not so critical you can continue using it. Let me know if any thing else required here.

  • I suggest trying DBeaver because this is an open source DB and is a good database tool for developers and database administrators. Moreover, Dbeaver complements JDBC and those complaint's databases like MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Firebird, SQLite, and even Sybase. Aside from that its user-friendly and free

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