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    Honda Activa 125 (year bought - 2018) screw fallen down!

    Is any trivial issue with your New 2018 Honda Activa 125 bothering you? Feel free to discuss it out with our technical experts.

    It might sound silly, but I am worried about a screw that I was trying to put just below the headlight of the Activa scooty and it fell inside the front part of my scooty. Although, it didn't fall down, instead its somewhere inside the floor of my scooty. Do I need to worry about it? or will it automatically come out while I drive in near future? Please help.
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  • It is always better to take safety measures with priorities. You can go to the mechanic and tell him your problem. He will probably help you out in getting it out. We never know the circumstances. So I would say prevention is better than cure. Get it fixed and then you can enjoy your ride.

  • Honda Activa 125, is one of the fastest moving scooter. If there is a screw that was removed and you hear any sounds while starting it, its better to take it back to the Honda Service station and explain and tell them the situation. If you feel its urgent better go to the service station for your satisfaction . Else make the Honda stand in the straight stand and shake the scooter and see whether there is any screw has fallen from the front. Try to fix it. Else a good advice is to take it to the Honda service station.

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