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    Best brand of refrigerator to buy for a double door (290 litres ) under 30K

    Time to upgrade your refrigerator at home? Here are our technical experts who can suggest you the best brand products that meet your criteria.

    Which is the best brand of refrigerator to buy for a double door (290 litres ) under 30K for a family of three? We had a really bad experience with Godrej brand last time and hence we are carefully researching the brand this time also keeping the budget in mind.
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  • There are many companies offering refrigerator with that specs in a reasonable price.

    What I will advise is LG 290 litres model GL-305VV5. This is quite good for a small family and have all the latest features like inverter compressor etc.

    It has a freezer capacity of about 102 litres. There is 1 year warranty for it but the compressor is having 10 years warranty.

    Though every company tries to make quality product but it varies from company to company. After sales service is another important area where LG is doing nice.

    The price of this model is within Rs 20000.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I am using LG brand fridge for last 8 years and it is working fine. Since, I never got any problem with the fridge, I never had to call support and thus cannot comment on that aspect.

    The best thing about LG brand is tat it offers very competitive prices for the Indian market. That applies to other products by the brand like TV as well.

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