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  • Size of the screen in a smartphone.

    Have you ever been curious what should be the ideal and optimum screen size of a smartphone that would maximize its utility value? Our technical experts are here to share their views on it.

    Smartphone has become a very common gadget today. There are varieties of them available in the market with different specs. The screen sizes also differ significantly.

    If we keep a bigger size screen than there is a problem of holding it in our palm as well as for keeping in the pocket. At the same time a smaller size will be inconvenient for easy reading and typing.

    What should be the optimal screen size in your opinion?
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  • I think the ideal size of a smartphone should be about 5.5 inch. But if you see the current models being launched, you will get all above 6 inch screen. In addition to the convenience in handling, mobile companies also want that watching videos on the mobile should be convenient and thus they go for bigger screen size.

  • I have used many sized handsets with different screen size. I have used a Samsung Wave phone with 4-inch size, Moto G with 4.5-inch size, Le Tv 1s with 5.5-inch size. The best working handset was 5-inch size screen handset i.e. Moto G. The screen is accessible by thumb from diagonal points with ease. It is now even difficult for me to touch an upper right corner of the screen by a left-hand thumb to my Honour 6x mobile.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Well I had used
    1.Sony Xperia e dual which had 3.5 inch screen
    2.Xiaomi mi 3 which had 5 inch screen
    3.Xiaomi redmi 3s prime which had 5 inch screen
    4.Iphone 6s which 4.7 inch screen
    5.Xiaomi Poco f1 ( currently using ) which has 6.2 inch screen
    I was comfortable with Iphone 6s and Xiaomi mi3 screen size
    But you get to enjoy Poco f1 6.2 inch screen by using it for entertainment purpose.
    In terms of usability, sometimes it cannot be used by one hand even after having big hand
    Those who have small hands will struggle each and every time to use the upper part of the screen.
    The ideal screen for everyone will be 5 inch screen I think.

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