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    Which Mobile OS is better Android or Windows?

    Are you confused to choose the best between Android OS and Windows OS smart phone? If yes, then just read the responses from the experts to know which Mobile OS is better Android or Windows?

    I want to buy a new mobile phone. I have reviewed many mobile phones having Android and Windows 8 Operating Systems. But I am confused which OS phone should I buy. I know that Android is the most popular OS among mobile phones. But many mobile handsets have Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 is the latest OS by Microsoft. So, please suggest me which OS enabled phone I should buy.
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  • It is definitely a typical question. Both these operating systems have their own advantages over the other. Windows phone fans say that this platform is better than any and Android users claiming that Windows is the best. It has stolen the heart of the smartphone lovers within a short time period and it entered all the markets.
    Now Android is one of the top most used operating system. But with this we can't say that Android is the best. We can find Android version in simple handsets and it is one of the greater feature of this operating system. But in the case of Windows phone it is common on premium products. The next category where Android scores is in app section. Android having about 700,000 apps in Google play store and for Windows it is only having 100,000 apps. In this 100,000 apps most of them are for Windows 7 version. And Windows is missing big names apps and games. This would be a great minus mark for Windows because most of tablet and smartphone buyers are looking for apps and games. Android operating system is having a multi tasking system which provides a seamless experience for the users. However Windows also offers a good experience for the users. While dealing with apps the background running of apps is a main thing. But both these operating systems are not having a feature to shutdown an app when we close it. Android is having a negative point when dealing with the installation of app. It can only install apps in system memory and if the system memory gets full then on additional apps can't be installed. Anyhow basically it depends up on the users interest.

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  • If you are serious professional guy then you can buy Windows Phone 8 from Nokia or other brands. If you just like to entertain yourself then you can buy Android OS Smartphones.

    Windows 8 OS phone actually have good features compare to Android but since Android OS become fame among young generation - it became popular and most of them are willing to buy those related device. Finally, it is up to you to decide for which purpose you would like to use and buy accordingly.


  • Android OS is such a simple and superb platform where you can turn your phone into a complete utility machine.
    The actual minus point in Windows phone I experienced is the language problem, if you are from India and expecting the regional language messages in Devanagari script, you will get stumped. There was just a rumor about TANGO patch in the market many owners of Lumia series are still waiting for the patch or say update . But in Android its fully compatible.

    Specially in Nokia's Lumia series, to transfer content like music and videos you need to download and install Zune into the machine, without that thing your phone is nothing.

    Whereas in Android you don't need any special thing to start the mass storage mode. There is no mass storage mode in the Lumia series and will probably not in other Windows 7.5 (MANGO) series. Think over it again while going for a Windows phone. The overall OS comparison the simple and compatibility can be had in Android. If you are very particular about your phone's content and you are an advanced user you can go for 'mango.'

  • This question is subjective and it is impossible to definitively answer it i.e Android lovers do not want to hear of other mobile Operating Systems and Windows phone users say that their OS is the best. But both the operating systems are polished and full of features. Still we can compare some of the features of Windows and Android OS. Now lets talk about some features of both the Operating Systems and compare them.

    The market is flooded with different models of Android phones. You can choose one according to your need and interest. There are literally dozens of Android smartphones you can buy in the India, and at the last count only five Windows Phone 8 handsets, with a few more now outdated Windows Phone 7.5 phones kicking around the remainder bins in phone shops.
    Windows phones require high requirements hence these are high end phones. This doesn't necessarily mean that Android is best, however - the five major Windows Phone 8 smartphones out now are all high-end, high-quality devices built by Nokia, HTC and Samsung to showcase WP8. Those manufacturers rarely make poor hardware.
    But Android's high end phones are just superb. Some live examples are Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and Google's own, LG Nexus 4.

    This is another big win for Android. At the last count there were around 700,000 apps for Android on Google Play, the majority of them optimized for smartphones. Two years after launch and Windows Phone is still hovering around the 100,000, most of which were written for Windows 7 (they are forwards compatible with WP8). The bald numbers really don't matter, so long as the key apps are represented, but at the time of writing key big name apps missing from the Windows Phone Apps+Games Store include Spotify, BBC iPlayer, Instagram and games like Bad Piggies and Temple Run. Again Android is the winner. The Windows Phone 8 handsets available are nice, but if you want choice Android is where it is at.

    Speed, Stability and Features
    This is the area where Windows Phones are better than Android. This is the area where Android's very openness can be both a good and a bad thing. There are a variety of speed, stability and features in the Android world because hardware makers can tweak the software. It is zippy and stable, and has a couple of nice extra features such as Rooms and the brilliant Kids Corner. Windows Phone 8 is fast and friendly.

  • Hello,
    This is definitely most tricky question since Windows is no more similar to the Windows which it used 5-10 years ago. Now, even it has variety of apps and its apps are increasing exponentially.

    Variety of Handsets
    The android handsets are available in more variants and large in number in comparison to Windows handsets. Its definitely a win for Android. But you can't let Windows go away without getting a hands-on. .

    Comparing price wise there is no competition. Both of them have nice and good looking handsets with equal price in every category. Its a tie for both of them.

    I have used both Windows and Android. I personally feel Windows does perform better than Android. During start up only many Android handsets lag but no such things happened in Windows. So, its a win for Windows here.

    2-3 years back Windows had no competition with Android in terms of apps. But, now the tables may not have turned around completely but still Windows is nearer to Android. Its a win for Android.

    NOTE: I personally feel if you want to play games and have fun you should go for Android. Otherwise go for Windows.It's my personal feeling, and its up to you.


  • I think you are new to smartphone. I suggest you to buy Android mobile. I recommend you Android because everyone around you will have a Android mobile. So you can easily get information about an app or a game. For the price you spend in Windows mobile you can get a high end Android mobile. Windows OS mobile cost you high comparing Android. There are many choice in Android mobile. While considering Windows there is only two brands Nokia and HTC. Starting price of Windows mobile is Rs.10,999. But for this price you can get very superb mobile from Lava, Micromax. Suppose you have a problem in your Android mobile there will be many to help you but in Windows there won't be any familiar person to solve.

    Android OS advantage
    1. More apps for free than any other smartphone OS
    2. For the price 10000 rupee you can get 4.5inch screen mobile with good hardware feature.
    3. There will be lot of mobile phone and you can choose as per your expectation.
    4. Easy to use.

    Windows OS advantage
    1. Very simple UI
    2. Has pre-installed professional apps like MS Word.
    3. Designed for professional purpose.

  • Android
    Android is the most popular operating system which is used in many Smartphones. Android is the fast moving operating system in mobiles, tablets and iPads. The price, features, quality and other features are well settled in the Android devices. It is more flexible and powerful platform that supports more devices. Android has become less of a consumer appliance and more of a power user's playground. It is well designed as other operating systems. Android falls just short of being able to deliver a completely satisfying experience. In my experience Android is the best solution for you to use now.

    Windows 8
    Microsoft has positioned them to compete with the encroachment of mobile operating system platforms. But it is complex platform in all its myriad forms. Even the ARM based Windows RT is aimed at users who are strongly invested in Microsoft's business platforms. Windows 8 is simply ahead of any other operating systems. The business oriented applications are also far more advanced for enterprise oriented goals, content creation and organization.

    If you are a pro, I prefer you to choose Windows 8 mobile. But if are a professional and fun type, I ask you to buy Android.

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