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    Touchpad cursor of Dell Latitude 3680 getting stuck

    Want to address the issues with your Dell laptop? Our experts can help you sort out the issue of the touchpad on your Dell laptop.

    I have recently purchased Dell Latitude 3680 laptop. within 2-3 days of usage it started giving these problems
    1. Touch pad cursor started getting stuck mostly when I used to open some sites or filling online forms, close web sites, close PDF or any documents.
    2. when I close PDF , web site or document, its faded image remains on the screen for few seconds.

    Dell technicians have reinstalled windows 10 for three times and changed motherboard and touch pad. I have even increased virtual memory to 13 GB but Problem is just as it was.

    I need help to diagnose the real reason for this problem.
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  • This looks like a problem with the laptop itself and not the software, but since you changed both the hardware, i.e the motherboard and touchpad, and also the software, i.e. reinstalling windows, and since you told that you bought the laptop a few days ago and all the changes were done under the supervision of a dell technician(so that the warranty does not become void), the best option would be to ask for a refund from Dell as you are within the warranty period. But if the hardware change was done by some third-party person(anyone other than dell technicians), the warranty would be now void, and you will have to stick with this laptop. I hope this is not the case with you.

    Deepak Mathews Koshy

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