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  • What are the alternatives for Amazon web services

    Want to switch to a better alternative from the Amazon web services? Our technical experts are here to guide you through.

    Is there any cheap and best software tool available for business, in comparison to Amazon web services? I would like to know few other software or brand names as well that provide cheap and best software tools for business correspondence management with ample safety and security.

    The answers will be greatly appreciated.
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  • Amazon Web services is a premium cloud computing service by Amazon, and it is used by a number of companies because of their vast majority of tools and inexpensive plans available for business ranging from small scale to even very large scale businesses. AWS gives companies an opportunity to make good scalable websites with the implementation of modern web applications.

    So finding the alternatives for Amazon web services is hard, but companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle etc. offers great competition to Amazon. So here are some of the best alternatives to AWS.

    1. Samsung ARTIK Cloud
    2. Frame Cloud platform
    3. IBM BlueMix
    4. IBM Cloudunt
    5. Alibaba Cloud
    6. Kahu
    7. Platform9
    8. Google Cloud
    9. Microsoft Azure
    10. Fuga IO

    Deepak Mathews Koshy

  • If your use is for the cloud hosting, then there seems to be a lot of alternatives out there. Do note that some of the alternatives below may not offer the Amazon specific DB and the services like Lambda etc. So you're left with the option to handle the traffic and other resources through a CDN and other options which usually Amazon offers in same dashboard.

    1. Digital ocean : They can be good for the media hosting, web hosting and the cloud hosting. They also do storage hosting like Amazon S3. And the rates are lot cheaper in the digital ocean compared to the Amazon.

    2. Azure: They seem to be another competitor of the Amazon. And they have a decent rate compared to the Amazon. And some of the features they have for free of cost. I'd definitely use them for most of the .net specific hosting.

    3. Alibaba: Recent cloud hosting company migration by Alibaba group. And they seem to be focused on Asian business market. Offer similar priced packages like Amazon.

    4. Google Cloud: Expensive like amazon, they seem to be having most of the Android users and companies on their stack.

    5. Softlayer : Leader in dedicated serves and they seem to be lot stronger for the cloud hosting like amazon. I'd say if you have company level budget then definitely try out the softlayer.

    6. oVS: A good alternative for the people who are into mid range services for cloud and other hosting. A good low cost alternative to the amazon.

    7. Rackspace: A high priced alternative but it has lower price on some points for Amazon specific features. So this is another good option to try out.

    These are some of the options that I know qualify as an alternative for the Amazon web services.

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