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    Why are most of the smartphone companies going after the notch?

    What is the importance of notch design in smartphones? How would it help you in addressing the concern of screen? Check out the views of our experts.

    Apple introduced the notch, and now everyone is following the trend. Do you guys have any idea why companies are going behind notches. Is it just to increase the screen to body ratio? Or is there any other reasons of why companies are adding notches to their smartphones?
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  • The latest design and trend begun from Apple's iPhoneX huge success though one of the new brands has released it first and unfortunately it could not become popular.

    The Vivo and Oppo brought it the next with an extra size in notch design phones in comparison to the iPhoneX and later many other brands got released likewise.

    The size of the notch is smaller in the Essential PH-1 smartphone that was actually released before iPhoneX, though there is a conflict in this matter as well.

    Other reason for notch is, the smartphone brand is trying for some innovation and changes to attract more customers beside its full view display or bezel-less models and give them larger display in comparison to their earlier standard 5.5 inch phone model by increasing it to 6.2 inches.

    The aspect ratio has also increased from 18:9 to 19:9 because of the notch design. The software too got adjusted a bit to give both the option for the notch users, like, top notch or just full view without notch (standard display), which the user have to select from the phone setting.


  • Due to small size of screen in smartphones and compulsions in having limited aspect ratios, many users will like to shift to notch models where a better view of videos is obtained.

    This is basically a marketing gimmick providing a slight betterment in one aspect and sell the product as people are always adopting the changes.

    Quantitatively, there is not much increase in the area of screen and it is more of a psychological matter that we are using a top notch model in place of a normal one.

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