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  • Why doesn't the Oppo RealMe 1 feature a fingerprint scanner?

    Are you wondering about the lack of Fingerprint scanner on RealMe device? Ask our experts for their view on the omission.

    Every single phone out there has a fingerprint scanner, even the 10.O.R D which costs about Rs.4,999 has a fingerprint scanner, so I don't think the cost of a fingerprint scanner is a matter here. So does anyone have a view on why RealMe ditched the fingerprint scanner and gave the whole responsibility to Face unlock( For Apple it was reasonable because it came with dedicated sensors, but RealMe wholly depends on the selfie shooter)
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  • Each and every smartphone comes with slight changes and this is one of them.

    As said above, it has already Face Unlock which works far better and quicker than fingerprint scanner, thus, it is sufficient in this budget whereas other brand smartphones in this budget and dimension gives just fingerprint scanner and not the face unlock.


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