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    How much tonnage ac required for 12×13×9 feet room

    Want to know the AC capacity needed for your room? The views expressed by our experts should help you out.

    How much ton dual inverter AC (LG) required for first-floor room having 12 ×13× 9 feet (l×b×h).Does 1 ton is enough or 1.5 ton is needed?
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  • There is more information required to answer this correctly. Please tell where do you reside, are there windows in your room, if yes then in which direction and of what dimensions, if your the top floor or are there floors above you, if you floor on ground or above, number of people that will be in the room along with any heating source present in the room like bulb or tube lights.

    Here is what I have assumed for now - Place - New Delhi, 1 windows on west, 2 people occupying the room with 1 tubelight, top floor which is not the ground floor. In this case you will need a 1.5 ton AC.

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