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  • How to get rid of heating problem in Leeco LE 1s phone?

    Heating problem in Leeco LE 1s phone? Our technical experts are here with the best solutions.

    I have been using Leeco LE 1s phone since June 2016. Initially it was working fine but as the time elapsed, the phone started heating abnormally. Yesterday I opened my Jio to play a long game (IPL 2018) but to my surprise, the phone started heating with battery temperature of 51 degree C.
    I want to get rid of the heating problem of this Leeco LE 1s phone. Can you suggest me some steps to follow?
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  • Heating issues are commonly observed with the passage of time with many smartphones. For you to avoid those abnormally heating issues you may follow some methods given below:

    1.Antivirus: Make sure your antivirus is not that heavy and is compatible with your smartphone. Most of the heavily sized antivirus turns out to be the reason of make your smartphone slow and also causes heating issues. Use a light antivirus.

    2. Make sure you don't run multiple heavily sized applications at the same time. This also causes your smartphone to heat up because the RAM might not be that good of your smartphone to handle those heavy applications smoothly.

    3. Never use your smartphone while charging. While charging, your battery is loading up with energy and if you use your smartphone at the same time than your phone might not handle that situation and might come up with heating issues.

    4. Storage: Keep good amount of storage space so as your smartphone can function properly without coming with any abnormal issue.


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