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  • Common Smart Card to pay all utility bills

    Are you curious to know if in India we have facilities like Common Smart Card to pay all the utility bills? Our technical experts are here to answer your query.

    Is there a common smart card available in India to pay all government utility bills like telephone, electricity, and bus tickets? In Singapore for example, an EzLink card can be used in metros, local buses and it is a cashless utility. the Only constraint is that, we need to recharge the card before it drops to minimum amount.
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  • We do not have such a card in our country but there are many cards which can be used at many places. For example some credit cards can be used to pay the various bills though not all of them.

    Every bank has its own debit card which is acceptable at many places. Credit card companies are also boasting of their cards as acceptable at many places.

    So far these cards are not accepted in bus or train but in future it may become a reality.

    Knowledge is power.

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