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    Is it worth to buy travel insurance?

    It is really useful to buy travel insurance when travelling domestic or international? Flights probably are a scare but if you are just travelling in a train or by road, does travel insurance makes sense? Please let me know when would you consider taking travel insurance as a necessity.
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    Travel insurance covers a host of eventualities and can be highly useful in case of natural calamities and other eventualities which are out of your control. If you are a frequent traveller it makes a lot of sense to get an annual travel insurance plan which will be both cheap and will keep you and your belongings insured from theft.
    Even if you travel very less, there are plans which insure you for one trip. In case you are traveling by flight, have booked an expensive hotel, are going out of the country or are carrying expensive items with you, travel insurance sure makes a lot of sense.

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