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  • Is Internet TV more economical than the Cable and Dish Antennas?

    What are the benefits of Internet TV over cable and DTH services? Find out from the experience of our experts.

    Recently we see lots of advertisements on Internet TV. I wish to know, whether switching to Internet TV would be more economical than the current traditional options of TV like Cable and Dish Antennas. Please explain the reasons of your opinion in detail.
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  • Internet TV is now more popular than the cable and Dish Antennas. Even the number of Internet TV users are rapidly increasing. We live in the world full of technology and gadgets. Only few people who are unemployed might have time to sit home and watch cable TV rest all other are busy with their work schedule. Bringing out the Internet TV facility made everyone to switch from cable TV to Internet TV as it provides many advantages over the cable TV some of which are mentioned below.

    1. Firstly, in the busy world, everyone is busy or indulged in his/her work so the population always needed such facility like Internet TV so as to fulfill their desire to watch TV anytime and anywhere.

    2. 4G networks are more easily available nowadays and so the today's generation doesn't feel much difficulty in watching TV online with facing buffering issues.

    3. You might have only one TV box at your home but you can easily afford multiple 4G smartphones and can access the same TV channels on it.

    4. Jio TV, Hotstar and many such applications are now easily available on your Android's Google Play Store which can help you to watch TV online.

    5. You can save your money which you use to recharge your TV and can use online Internet TV with recharging only for Internet facility.

    6. Overall, it saves time and money both and can be a good replacement over the cable TV's.


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