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    Paytm pros and cons on various transaction

    Do you use Paytm quite often? did you ever face any issues or was it all smile for you so far? Ask our technical experts to share their opinion as well about what good and bad experiences they had with Paytm.

    One of the popular wallet apps these days is Paytm which is very easy to use by anyone who knows basic operating procedure from smartphone. They offer various discounts and cashback for each transaction. It also gives facility of minimum purchases of less than hundred rupees which hard to find in other apps.

    However, there must be some cons as well from Paytm app which I would like to know beside its pros. Please describe whatever you've experienced from it.
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  • Paytm was released long time ago for Mobile Recharges. Later, after its great success Paytm was upgraded to offer more online transactions like Movie Tickets, Utility Bills, etc. Now, Paytm is a Fully Functional Online Bank which even gives you Interest on your deposits and recently has launched their Paytm Postpaid credit card.

    Considering the Cons of Paytm, I don't think there is any. The only problem I faced while using Paytm is while adding money. Sometime they cut money from your account and show cancelled transaction on Paytm. Later on the money is reversed back to the payment source which was used to do the transaction. Apart from that it is one of the best Mobile Wallets that is currently available in India, that makes life easier.

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  • About Paytm:

    Paytm was founded by Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma in August 2010 and is based out of Delhi NCR, India. It is an Indian mobile-first financial services company that offers payments, banking, lending and insurance to consumers and merchants with base of 7 million merchants.
    It offers services like:
    - mobile recharges
    - utility bill payments
    - travel
    - movies and events bookings
    - in-store payments at grocery stores
    - fruits and vegetable shops
    - restaurants and parking
    - tolls
    - pharmacies
    - educational institution fees
    With the Paytm QR code that is scanned for transactions, it has also launched the 'Paytm for Business' app in over 10 regional languages, allowing merchants to track their payments and day-to-day settlements conveniently.

    Pros of Paytm:
    - It is fast and safe,
    - No need to carry debit or credit card to use Paytm for payment.
    - Transfer money from Paytm to bank account as low as 2.04%
    - Get Cashback on most of the store using Paytm wallet (it's promotional).
    - Less documentation to Upgrade Paytm wallet limit.
    - Good wallet limit for KYC customer (25k) & Non-KYC customer (20k) both.
    - Easy & automatical refund to Paytm wallet in case of product cancellation at partners store.

    Con's of Paytm:
    - Worst customer support in case you need help while shopping/canceling/returning items.
    - Dependence on the Internet while paying money as compared to using cash.
    - Paytm authenticate using mobile OTP, if someone get access to your mobile, he can misuse your money easily.
    - Higher risk of identity theft due to increasing rate of hacking and data leak.
    - It's a problem for the older people or tech-naivety, who may suddenly find themselves locked out of their accounts if they can't download an app or don't have cash.

  • Paytm is one of the most popular Online Wallet in India that has saved the entire mass of Indian citizens when there was a huge cash crunch during demonetization. With this now almost every shop is providing this facility. Even now, when India is still not smooth with the cash flow in ATMs, it is Paytm that is saving people from hazards even at the smallest outlets.
    Though these are the positive pictures clicked on situational basis, there are some more Pros of this wallet with a couple of Cons as well.

    1. India is moving towards cashless transactions.
    2. It saves time and you don't face the trouble of not having the required change of cash in your pocket.
    3. Online shopping facility
    4. Payment of bills is a breeze with Paytm
    5. Making a payment to individuals is a matter of a second.
    6. A boon for small business and freelancers.
    7. Paytm Bank is an added advantage with good interest as declared (not tried yet)

    1. Paytm is not accepting online banking for SBI account holdders
    2. Customer Care is extremely disappointing, they don't have any facility to call the customer care.
    3. They have made fun of the KYC process, that has not yet acknowledged my PAN card though they accepted my Aadhar card, (both were furnished at the same time)
    4. Not Allowing to open the Bank Account as my KYC process is not yet complete even after six months.

    But overall, I have had a positive experience with Paytm.

  • Paytm: one of the most used application for doing online recharge, online shopping and online transactions. Moreover, each and every applications has some good and bad side with itself. Here, we have mentioned some pros and cons of the Paytm.


    1. Easy to use.
    2. Cashless or say digital world.
    3. Good shopping deals.
    4. Book Movie tickets.
    5. Book Flight tickets.
    6. Book Train tickets.
    7. Online transactions.
    8. Bill payments.

    Now moving to the bad side which doesn't include much to tell.


    1. No customer care service.
    2. Sometimes money is detected from the account but the transaction is not made (it might happen because of slow Internet connection).

    These were some pros and cons of using Paytm service. You will find it good serving many needy service in much easier way. You can easily find good shopping deals on Paytm and buy them online and save your time in moving and spending your time in any shopping mall or market place. You can also do online recharge on Paytm and save your time in going to any shop for recharge. Overall, it is a useful service provides application as you can also see it has more pros and less c ons.


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