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    Definition files not found - Quick Heal version 16.0 error

    How to sort out the error in updating QuickHeal anti-virus solution? Our experts may be able to guide you.

    I was trying to update the Quick Heal version 16.0 by offline file. It gets extracted successfully when I run the updater .exe file but it shows the error, "Definition files not found. Specify the correct path for automatic updates". How to get rid of this error?
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    Basic steps:
    Follow the procedure mentioned below:
    - Press "windows+R".
    - Type "services.msc" and press enter
    - Search "quick update service"
    - Right click -> properties -> start

    It will start any service that have stopped.

    Detail steps:

    "Definition files not found", issue basically occurs if Update module is unable to establish the connection with the update server due to which updating downloading gets failed.There are various reasons like:

    - ISP (Internet Service Provider) Side issue: If there is massive network dis-connectivity, it results in failure while connecting to the update server.
    2- Network restriction due to third party application e.g. CC Proxy, Network Firewall etc.
    - Malware/System dependent: Sometimes, preexisting malware may accountable to restrict update module from being connected to update server.


    - For ISP (Internet Service Provider) Side issue:
    - Open the Quick Heal, click on Settings -> Automatic update. "Download from Internet" option to be selected.
    - If there is slow or weak internet connectivity, then check by ping to Quick Heal domains. In command prompt, type "ping" and then press enter.
    - If you get outputs as Request timed out, Destination host unreachable, then kindly try to update the Quick Heal with better internet connection.

    - For Network restriction due to third party application:
    - Check whether an applicated calls as "Internet Download Manager" is present in the system or not. If present, remove the check-mark from Quick Heal from the Configuration settings of Internet download manager. Retry for update once.
    - If using Network Firewall or web proxy applicaiton, need to allow servers of Quick Heal
    File Extensions to allow/exclude:

    If error exist visit or contact Quick heal support.

    Hope this helps.

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