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    How to download magazines in pdf from Jio Mag app?

    How to download popular magazines onto your smartphone? Which apps support downloading the entire magazine on your mobile device? Check out with our experts.

    I am reading magazines like Business Today, Reader's Digest, Men's Health and many more. I want to download it in my phone's internal memory. Is it possible by any application or trick ? Kindly share your experience of such type of activity.
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    To download magazines from Jio Mag app:

    - Tap on the download icon next to the magazine
    - The progress circle will indicate that download has been initiated.
    - If you tap the same icon while download is in progress, it will cancel the download.
    - When a magazine has been fully downloaded, you will be able to see a tick icon at the bottom of the magazine cover.

    I think you want to ask how to read jio magazines downloaded in pdf format in your pc. All magazines and newspapers downloaded in pdf formart using Jio apps are encrypted with 168 bit or 256 bit encryption method and they are developed in a way which only can be accessible within the official Jio Mags app by default.
    If you are looking for a way to read the magazines on PC, you could download an android emulator like
    blue stacks, Andy or Droidx and have Jio mag app installed on that.

    Hope it helps.

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