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  • How to schedule a message in WhatsApp?

    Want to know how to schedule a message on WhatsApp? Our experts help you with tips.

    I need to remind my friend regarding an important stuff. So, I want to schedule a message in WhatsApp so that he can get timely reminder. How to set schedule messaging in Android WhatsApp?
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  • Schedule whatsApp messages for unrooted device:

    - Download & install Scheduler for WhatsApp App on your Android device.

    - Once installed, open the app it will ask you to enable Accessibility settings to schedule messages.

    - Tap on the "+" to create a schedule.

    - You can Select Recipient, Select Time, Select Frequency and enter the message to create a schedule.

    - Once created you can see the Scheduled task on the home screen of Scheduler for WhatsApp.

    Other app:

    - Download and install SQEDit ( Auto Scheduling App).

    - Launch app and you will see the screen like you need to create an account (you can even sign in with your facebook account).

    - On successfully screen you will need to tap on whatsapp icon.

    - You need to grant it the permission to access your contacts.

    - Set message date and time to schedule the WhatsApp message.

    - Once set, you will get a notification like this before few seconds of the scheduled timing. You need to tap on the Send button.

    - Now you need to choose the contact to whom you want to send.

    Schedule whatsApp messages for rooted device:

    - Download & install WhatsApp Scheduling app (Note your android must be rooted).

    - It will ask you for Superuser permission to proceed. Now grant it the super user access.

    - Click on the icon (pencil Icon) in front of Pending messages and select contact which can either be a person or group and type your message and set the scheduling time.

    - Click Add and put up your desire contact and a message following it, your message will be listed under Pending messages tab and will be sent according to set time.

  • If you wan to schedule the message without having to root the device. In that case there is one app that you can download. The name of the app of the app is : "scheduler for whatsapp".

    You can download it here:

    After you download and install the app. Make sure to use the apps "+" icon to add new draft. That should give you the option to add the content.

    You can use the whatsapp group or the contact. You can set the timing. Select the frequency and enter the message. You can use this for the content to post on recurring basis.

    There are also some apps that you can use if you have rooted the phone. So depending on your apps it can be different in that case.

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