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    How to revive my Blogger blog?

    Want to revive your old Blogger blog? Check out the tips from our experts to know how to revive your dead Blogger blog.

    I am a mechanical engineer and have a Blogger blog with domain name, mechanicalduniya. I was quite busy with my study so could not give much time to it. I want to know the tips and steps to revive my dead blog. Can you suggest few article or website or resources which can help me?
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  • I think the best way to revive a dead blog is to start writing. I know it may sound simple. But you have to start with keyword research on your expected topic. Do your keyword research for the heading of the blog post. And also make sure to write atleast 500 words per post. And once you get in a habit. Add some automated scheduling into the blogger. Let's just say you have topic of writing on some machine. And you have done keyword research. In such case make sure to write informative article on say 500 words. If you post consistently in scheduled posting way for 1 month with gap of say 7 days. That should help revive the blog. Scheduling and proper posting with SEO is one good way to revive your blog.

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