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  • How to use Google Tez in India

    Want to have an all-round information on Google Tez? Get all the relevant information from our financial experts.

    I know Google Tez is a UPI-based mobile payment service from Google. But I have a couple of doubts regarding its usage.

    Doubt 1: Can we replace our current banking with Google Tez alone? That is, I am using SBI and I don't quite like its services as the bank is charging too much for its basic services and imposing irrelevant fines. So can I completely depend on Google Tez as my new savings account without having to depend on SBI?

    Doubt 2: How can we make an online payment with the Google Tez? Usually while purchasing things on Amazon, there are a couple of payment options such as Net banking, Credit/Debit card etc. So what option do we have to choose in order to pay with our Google Tez?

    Doubt 3: How to accept/receive cash from our family or friends directly to Google Tez account?

    Doubt 4: Can we transfer money directly to our Tez account without making any bank as a mediator?

    Kindly answer all my doubts with authentic information.
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  • Let's understand what is Google Tez:
    Google Tez is a mobile wallet based on UPI platform (build by NPCI), which enables its users to send or transfer money without the need of recipient account details. It simplifies the money transfer. It is different from another wallet as it does not require to store money in the wallet, unlike other wallet services. It work's as an extension to your bank account.

    Now let's focus on doubts:
    Doubt 1: You can not replace your current banking with Google Tez, as it work's as an extension, not as a bank account. If you want to replace account with wallet, use services like Paytm Wallet or Airtel Payments Bank.

    Doubt 2: Google Tez app allows for payments directly to the bank account, and you need the UPI id or mobile number of the user to pay or transfer money. It will depend upon e-commerce websites if they are including Tez in their payment gateway or not.

    Doubt 3: To send money to any bank account on Google Tez, you have to tap on
    - "Pay using phone or account number, QR or UPI ID".
    - On the next screen, you will see the option of the account number in which you can see "Pay using an Account # + IFSC". You will require recipient account number and IFSC code.
    - Tap on Account number option.
    - Now you have to type recipient name, account number and IFSC code.
    - Next enter the amount, you can send up to 1,00,000 INR to any bank account. Enter Amount and click on Proceed to pay.
    - Next, you have to enter your UPI PIN.

    Doubt 4: No you can not. As mentioned earlier Tez is just an extension of the bank account, it is more secure but money will be received and transferred from your bank account only.

    Hope this helps.

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