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    Which one do you prefer OLX or Quikr ?

    Want to find the differences between OLX and Quickr? Which one should you prefer to sell old stuff you no longer need? Our experts will guide you on the best choice.

    We have plenty of stuff or things at home which are of no use to us. Two famous online platforms are OLX and Quikr right now. I always sell old kinds of stuff on OLX website. I have no experience of using Quikr. Which one do you prefer OLX or Quikr?
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  • About OLX:
    - OLX is marketplace classified forum founded in 2006 by Naspers.
    - It is serving worldwide.
    - It offers classified ads in 08 categories
    - Its apps are available for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry platforms.

    About Quikr:
    - Quikr is Indian classified ad platform founded in 2008
    - It serves in India.
    -It covers over 900+ cities.
    - It offers classified ads in 12 categories
    - It offers two types of premium ads namely Top of page and Urgent
    - Its apps are available on Android, java supported phone, Windows phone, Symbian

    Services comparison:
    - OLX acts as an agent between buyer and seller whereas Quikr acts as middleman
    - There are more spam calls from Quikr ads than from OLX
    - OLX customer support management is much more responsive and active than Quikr
    - OLX is much more responsive website/app than Quikr
    - OLX takes care of items you sold till it is delivered in exact condition whereas Quikr does not take responsibility.

    Hope this helps.

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