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  • Buying Mi mobile trick or Any way to buy

    Looking for ways to buy Mi Note 5 Pro through the flash sale? How to buy Redmi Note 5 Pro via flash sales? Check out the answers by our experts.

    Anybody here knows about how to buy Mi note 5 Pro every time when it goes on sale?
    Is there any trick or script to buy?
    I am unable to buy by the normal way and I think flash sales are fake.Sometimes products get added to the cart but while doing payment product goes out of stock.
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  • Flash sales are not fake, they are one of the ways of attracting customers, it's a marketing tactic.
    There are many scripts you can find if you google it, but many of those won't work.
    To buy a phone in flash sale use high speed internet and login to the concerned website before the actual time of sales.
    Or if you are using any other Mi phone than try the MIUI forum or the MI Community to get your F-code which will help you to buy a phone without any flash sale.
    Hope this helps.

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