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    How to unlock Bootloader In Lenovo A6600 plus?

    Do you want to unlock Bootloader in Lenovo A6600 plus? Our technical experts are here to guide you through.

    The question is: how to unlock the bootloader in Lenovo a6600 plus? Many people say that the bootloader cannot be unlocked in Lenovo A6600 plus. But I need to unlock the bootloader as quickly as possible. I need to root my device and rooting is possible only if I can unlock it's bootloader. So, please tell me the correct answer of this question because I searched everywhere but haven't found the right one anywhere. Please tell me.
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  • First of all take backup, as unlocking it would delete everything.
    Step 1: Install usb driver in your computer and connect your phone.
    Step 2: Install adb and fastboot or you can install sdk in computer
    Step 3: Start device in fastboot mode
    Step 4: Type this command "fastboot oem unlock"
    Step 5: Be patient and wait.

    Try at you'r own risk.

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