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    Ambrane company belongs to which country

    Are you curious to know to which country the popular Ambrane company belongs to? Our technical experts would give the most authentic answers.

    I am looking to buy a Power bank for my mobile which is from an Indian company. Ambrane seems to be quite famous for its Power banks. So my question is, can somebody tell me if Ambrane is an Indian company and if it is then how has been your experience with the Power banks from this company. If now, can somebody please list Indian Power bank companies.
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  • It was good to hear that you want to buy power bank from Indian manufacturers only and no doubt you are contributing in boosting the make in India program. As far as Ambrane is concerned it is an Indian company based in New Delhi which has gained a lot of popularity among tech lovers for its long lasting power banks. Ambrane P1310 13000 mAh power bank is quite popular among users because of its better conversion rate and long lasting capacity. The conversion rate is around 80 percent which is pretty good as you can charge a 3000 mAh battery 3 times. This power bank from Ambrane is one of the best buys under 1000.
    Some of the other companies which manufacturers power banks are Intex, Syska, Protronics, Mi India etc.
    But I would suggest you to go for Ambrane, why to look for others when you have best available.
    I hope it will be helpful.

  • Ambrane or Ambrane India Private Limited is ISO 9001:2015 certified Indian company based on capital of India New Delhi.
    Ambrane is producer of Power Banks and mobile, and leading producer of power bank manufacturing company in India.
    Products of Ambrane are:
    - Power Bank
    - PC Tablets
    - Bluetooth and multimedia speakers
    - Headphones
    - Mobile recharge station

    Types of power bank manufactured by Ambrane are:
    - Li-ion series
    - Plush series
    - Knockout series
    - Speedy series

    Indian Power bank manufacturing companies are:
    - UIMI tech India
    - Mi (made in India power bank)
    - Syska
    - Creatons Corporation Private Limited
    Best option to select power bank is either go for Creatons or Ambrane.
    Hope it helps.

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