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  • How to get started with website?

    Are you keen to know how to get started with website? Our technical experts can provide you the initial push.

    I have just registered on and want to get my first project to earn some money out of it. Being a novice, I want to learn from the experienced. Can you please share your experience with me? How to create a good portfolio and what are the tips to bid effectively? What are the precautions to be taken while working with the freelancer website?
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  • If you want to earn from sites like Freelancer. Com, or then let me tell you that they are not for a complete novice. There is stiff competition among workers and contractors want to get the best at low price. So, it's not easy for a beginner to get a project unless you are an expert in your field. If you don't have any particular skill related with computer or internet but you want to learn it from there only then sorry, you are looking at wrong place.
    First you need to learn a particular skill which has some scope in it and you are capable of learning. You can easily search for the skills that are in huge demands over those sites. The next step is creating a good profile that can attract contractors and make you look reliable. You should write about your previous work experience and make yourself appear trustworthy.
    You can also visit the profile of other users who have good reputation and are earning well to get an idea on how to represent your profile that can grab attention. Have patience and keep learning, you can earn a decent amount as a freelancer and can have a promising career.

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