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  • What should we do if we accidentally click on our own AdSense Ad?

    Have you clicked on your own AdSense Ad by mistake? Here's what you can do as suggested by our technical experts.

    I have linked my AdSense account with all my articles on Techulator. Since I mostly browse through Techulator from my phone, I accidentally clicked on the Ad on my page, when my actual intension was to click somewhere else. Will Google take any action against my accidental click? If yes, then is there anything I need to do before Google take action against my inappropriate Activity?
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  • Accidental clicks on one's own ad is very common because of the moving nature of the webpages. When we visit a webpage, it keeps loading taking quite a considerable time. Sometimes it even shows that the page has loaded, but as soon as we try to scroll down, it starts loading the remaining part and the page gets popped up ads. Google is aware of such situations. They know how accidental clicks can take place by anyone. So they have their own analytics to measure such mistakes.
    As a result, in such cases, the matter doesn't lead to any such negative consequences, if the click remains limited within one or two. So repeated clicks cannot be proved to be accidental as Google is intelligent enough to understand this and find out the differences. But there are people who do it intentionally.
    To catch such intentional clicks Google has kept their system ready which has the necessary methods installed to check if there is any invalid clicks or activity on a particular publisher's AdSense account. And if they find any, they remove those clicks from the total at the end of every month or during a payment period. So there is nothing to worry even if currently these clicks are showing up in your AdSense earnings.

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