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  • Why don't Google Play Store Accept payment through netbanking in India

    Are you facing issues while making a payment on the google PlayStore through Netbanking? Our technical experts are here to ease you out from this discomfort.

    Netbanking ineligible in Google Play store

    Even though PlayStore allows Indians to try a variety of banks to choose netbanking from, some of the major Indian banks are ineligible for it. As I'm a SBI account holder, I'm now unable to proceed my payment through SBI online.

    And my question now is, why doesn't Google accept payment through some bank's netbanking even though they're accepting from dozens of other banks? If I'm opting for payment through Debit card, will I be able to do that since I'm still using a SBI card? So what is the solution for this problem? How you guys get your payments done on Google?
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  • If you observe the same thing is going on with Paytm as well. they have not included SBI in their Internet Banking list. I have personally lodged a complaint on this, but there was no positive response other than confirming that they aren't in a tie up with SBI currently.
    But they do accept Debit Card from SBI.
    In Google too I think they would accept the Debit Card from SBI.
    It could be the banking protocols because of which these platforms are not accepting SBI Internet Banking service.

    In their support for Google Play they have given a list of unaccepted payment methods.
    Here they go:

    "Unsupported payment types
    Google Play can't be used with:

    Wire transfers
    Bank transfers
    Western Union
    Money Gram
    Virtual Credit Cards (VCC)
    Health Savings Account (HSA)
    Transit cards
    Any escrow type of payment"

    To know more you can browse through their support page:

  • Google don't accept payment from debit card as:
    - Google doesn't currently support 3D Security protocol, which is used by "Verified by Visa," "MasterCard SecureCode".
    - Indian debit cards does not work with international merchants because of 3D Security protocol, that is when you enter card details you will have to either provide ATM pin or OTP.
    - In 2013 RBI issued a circular that asks banks to issue cards which can be used domestically only.
    - Google have normal Amex/visa/MasterCard/JCB gateway, so 3D security protocol is not recognized.
    - There are some debit cards that will work are HDFC, ICICI, AXIS banks card.

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