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  • Best DTH service and it's plans

    Do you want a list of the best DTH services and their plans? Our technical experts are here to help you avail one.

    I have recently bought a LED 32-inch Samsung TV and I am searching for the DTH services. Which service is best to opt and also please tell me in details about the plans they offer. It is quite confusing when I am browsing on any DTH service website. I want to have all the HD channels related to sports and music. Rest of the channels are also okay even if it is not HD.

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  • Till now DishTV is considered to be the largest DTH Service Provider in Asia. The picture quality along with a wide variety of DTH plans suitable and affordable for all sector of viewers made it the first choice for many.

    1. Here is a list of DishTV packs that I have collected along with its prices.
    2. Super Family – It offers 314 and more Channels
    3. Dish99 – You get more than 180 Channels
    4. Maxi Sports – This includes 319 Channels on Sports
    5. All Sports – This is another pack for sports lovers that comes with 359 Channels
    6. World Sports – Those who want more sports channels, choosing this would give them 379 Channels
    7. New Titanium – It includes every kind of category from 389 Channels

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