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  • The best apps for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Looking for the best apps for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Our technical experts are here to provide you with the most authentic answers.

    I would like to know which app is the best for dealing with cryptocurrencies viz Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin etc. Which crypto app is worth to install without any advertisement etc. and which one gives the option to deal with multi crypto coins other than Bitcoin.

    Also, which cryptocurrency app can quickly verify the members' account? Kindly elaborate on this.
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  • Personally I prefer not to store my coins on mobile as it could lead to crashes and other issues. In your case you have two good choices for the cryptocurrency.

    1. Coinomi

    This is one of the best apps if you want to deal with large number of the cryptocurrencies. Here the support for the currencies is very high. And also the transaction costs are properly handled. You can also take backup. And you can restore very easily. So it's safe and secure wallet for the Androids and iPhones.

    2. Jaxx Android

    You have another option if you want to work with some of the dominant currencies. Jaxx works on desktop and the mobile too. And there seems to be ways to encrypt the data. So you get to work around the currency in multiple options. I suggest using this if you want simplicity.

    On the Windows desktop side. I would recommend making use of the Exodus wallet. It seems to be more secure and easy to back and restore. Jaxx also works on the desktop side. You may want to make use of JAXX for desktop as it supports more currencies.

    For Ripple, there is Gatehub which is secure and supported by ripple labs, so you should use that instead of using any specific wallet on mobile or desktop.

  • There are many apps which are in use for cryptocurrencies and each has its own interface and design.

    What I will suggest is, the three top ones out of the lot which are very popular and sturdy in their applications.

    First one is Coinbase in which one can buy and sell and can have instant bank transactions. It is very trusted application.

    Second is Bitcoin Checker which is also a popular application, especially for the beginners. It has a simple interface and can give data on various coins over various exchanges.

    The third is Blockchain Luxembourg. This one has a safe and secure authentication for the transactions and has a beautiful user interface. It does many things and even provides a map of coin merchants in the area.

    To begin with, one can use any of these and later switch to others depending upon the requirement.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I had tried a number of apps in India. Almost all of them claim to be the best. However, the biggest issue you will face is the time taken for verification of KYC. Some of the apps take more than 14 days for verification, which is frustrating. The only app that I found to be good enough in this aspect is Zebpay. My KYC was verified in less than a day there.

    Another good thing about Zebpay is that there is very less difference in buying and selling price of Bitcoins. On other apps, there is a difference of about Rs 50000 or more. I am yet to sell my Bitcoins that I purchased there. So cannot comment about that part.

  • Here is the list of the current apps of cryptocurrencies that are making rounds in the market

    1. Coinbase
    It is right now one of the best cryptocurrency apps that is free. It is a coin-base app which is known to be one of the first choices for many who are having their eyes fixed on cryptocurrencies. The Coinbase's app is ideally made for the iOS and even for Android users where they are free to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies and keep tracking down the prices. It has a wallet to store your money. Coinbase helps in finding the merchants who agree to accept the cryptocurrencies as payment when one user wants to spend.

    2. CryptoTrax – Coin Portfolio
    This is yet another free cryptocurrency app that has a wallet to manage the profits and losses. To make their users feel assured while investing in a new coin, it has created price alerts to let them know whenever there is a price hike or drops above or below a certain point.

    3. Enjin Wallet
    The free Enjin app also known as the Enjin Wallet is from the Enjin Coin, which was the first proclaimed cryptocurrency for the purpose of gaming. In Enjin Wallet the Security aspect has been given the topmost priority, while the app offers an option of using their own secure keyboard through which one can easily restore the wallet from another device If one loses his/her phone. It can be done by writing down those 12 words directly on a piece of paper and sending the scanned image by using the camera option of the app. It is now an Android-only app but is working towards becoming available on iOS too.

    4. Cryptocurrency is one of the oldest apps which is now present in the market for more than 10 years. It offers to provide expert advice on any investments, that includes cryptocurrency as well. This app does not have a wallet facility but has a comprehensive database of the prices both real-time and historical.

    5. – Bitcoin Wallet
    It is a free app from This cryptocurrency wallet app has been highly praised for its responsive functionality, sober design, ensuring high-end security, and its option of transferring fees. It is one of the best apps for beginners who want to try their hands in Bitcoins.

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