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  • Universal LNBF for Airtel DTH antenna

    do you want to know about Universal LNBF for Airtel DTH antenna? Here are our technical experts who can enlighten you on this.

    I wanted to know if there is a genuine Universal LNBF for Airtel DTH antenna. I found this in an isolated Street on my way back to home from office. I was told that some parts are missing in the device. If yes, what is the market value of this LNB. I am attaching the picture as well.
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  • I am not able to understand what exactly is your query. A Universal LNB for Airtel or any other DTH service should remain the same. They are not tied to any particular DTH service. The dish antenna, cable, and the LNB can be used interchangeably on any of the DTH services. As I can find from your query, you have found an LNB on the street and want to know about its market value. Is it the LNB or the STB that you are referring to? If it is LNB, maybe the item was discarded and may not have any use. In fact, the LNB is available at around Rs. 250 to 300 at any store that sells DTH connections.

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  • Thanks for your response.

    Please see the image attached. My question was : If this is a complete product. I was just curious if some part was missing from the device, in which case I will have to give it to some scrap dealer.

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  • It is an electronic waste if you found it lying on the ground. Probably it is not working anymore and it has been thrown out. Even the scrap dealer may not have much value for it. However, you can try if it can be given away to any scrap agent if he is ready for the deal - the original equipment costs just around Rs. 200.

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