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  • What will be the main features of smartphones having artificial intelligence?

    Are you curious to know about the main features of smartphones that run on artificial intelligence? Our technical experts can give you the latest information on this.

    Now a days we are hearing that new smartphones are being introduced having artificial intelligence. So far artificial intelligence was incorporated in robots and similar devices.

    There are some big computer systems too which are having artificial intelligence and these are used for highly sophisticated technical purposes.

    What will be the new features in such smartphones? How will they be helpful in our day to day life?
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  • Well, the topic of Artificial Intelligence has been blown out of proportions by the movies and so-called Sci-Fi shows. In fact, we have already been using the concept on our mobiles and smartphones.
    There are several apps and tools we have been using on the smartphone that has empowered the software to gain an enhanced performance level. The AI lets your apps to find the contextual information and an enhanced knowledge of the functionality of the apps. The personal assistants we find on our smartphones can be great examples of AI. Whether it is the Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana - you can name anyone among them - are perfect examples of AI on your smartphones.
    Some other examples that AI has already been in use can be explained as here below -
    • Google Photos, for instance, can identify human faces and aggregate all the photos with similar persons in them together. It creates new folders and segregates the photos without you having to do it manually.
    • There are several photo filter apps that use AI to apply filters to your photos. They can read the contents in a photo and then apply adequate filters to change an ordinary photo into an artwork of sorts.
    • Chat apps like Google Allo make use of AI to understand the queries in a contextual manner and come up with smarter suggestions. They can learn from the conversation style you use with your friends and offers you suggestions.
    • The predictive input technology is yet another form of a better use of AI on smartphones. The concept has made it easy to type on a virtual keyboard. SwiftKey is an app that needs a special mention in this context as it takes use of AI in keyboards to the next level.

    The recent launches of smartphones have been observed to come up with AI incorporated right into the software. Google Pixel devices are a good examples in that direction. It may not be too late before we can find the concept finding itself being incorporated by other users as well.

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  • What I know other than general AI terms across Technology is, Honor recently released View10 AI smartphone which has Artificial Intelligence features. The phone will come to its buyers' hand on 8th Jan 2018 onward and we can tell about it exactly after its usage.

    Time being, the company has given its features like Honor V10 has NPU (Neural Network Processor Unit) which is an additional chipset / processor for additional speed, task, functions beside its primary Kirin processor. The device will have the latest and intelligent features compare to its recent or earlier one.

    The AI device will have many features, like a powerful chipset or dual processor, AI accelerated translator, AI motion detection, AI zoom, AI notification, future evolution, AI ecosystem, high end specification and on.

    AI has developed with the advancement of technology. From basic landline telephones, it has evolved into mobile, smartphone, smarter phones and now AI phones.


  • Well, artificial intelligence would offer you many amazing features in smartphones in 2018, some of them are given below:

    1. Camera improvement: The cameras would automatically detect the subject activity and adjust the settings automatically to capture the best possible images.

    2. Security improvement: Recently, iPhone X was released and it uses AL for its unlocking system by Face ID. Moreover, in future smartphones using artificial intelligence (AL) will automatically detect the subject face for beard, face cut, spectacles etc for better security.

    3. Voice Assistant: So far, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa are all voice assistants to help you with the results using artificial intelligence (AL). Moreover, in coming time the voice assistant would be improved with improved artificial intelligence.

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