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    Lenovo p2 stuck in "boot mode is charger"

    Is your Lenovo p2 got stuck in "boot mode is charger" state? Our technical experts can help you fix this issue.

    My Lenovo P2 had 20% battery charged. I plugged the charger and after making sure that fast charging has been started, I left. After 2-3 hours I came back with certainty that the battery would have charged 100%. But unfortunately what I faced was a dead mobile. I unplugged the charger and re plugged it and found a white display with the note "Boot mode is 'charger' ". Now every time I connect charger I face the same note (sometime repeating sometime once) and cell phone does not go beyond this state.
    How to fix it?
    I am waiting for your response please.


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  • The loop issue can arise if your phone has got into the software corruption in some cases. However, you may check the following options to get it working in your case -

    1. Make sure that the issue is not with your charger or cable. I would recommend using the genuine charger that came with your phone. Using different cables may not be an issue though.

    2. Attempt rebooting your phone when it is charging - if at all it is charging.

    3. Press and hold Power+ Volume Up + Volume Down button together. Your phone should now start and work normally.

    The best option that solves the error in most cases is to reboot your phone while it is plugged into the power source. The phone has been reported to come out of the loop in most cases.

    If none of the options sort out the issue in your case, it would be advisable to take the phone to your phone to the nearest Lenovo Service Centre.

    Live....and Let Live!

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