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  • Singapore tourist e-visa query

    Are you going to book an e-ticket for flights to Singapore? Ask our technical experts to know what is the correct way to book an e-ticket.

    Why do I need to apply for Singapore tourist e-visa 15 days before departure from India? My agent has advised me not to book my ticket before getting my visa in event of visa rejection and further suffering huge cancellation losses. I am sure to miss out on good flight deals which I was planning to book 2 months in advance. Please advise?
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  • You can apply for Singapore VISA through their authorised agents in India by submitting the duly filled in and signed VISA application form alongwith photographs and supporting documents like passport etc.

    Generally it takes 2-3 days in getting VISA approval and you can get a copy of your e-VISA from the agent itself. Suppose you get a VISA which is valid for 30 days from the date of issue than you have to make your entry in Singapore within the 30 days and once you reach there the officer receiving you in airport before entry in Singapore will check your documents and issue you a pass for stay in Singapore. It is his discretion for how much time he issues you the pass and normally they give from 15 days to 1 month. This pass is then affixed on your passport and you are supposed to return by that time.

    You have to book your ticket keeping these procedures in mind.

    If you book your air ticket 3 months in advance you can not apply for VISA immediately as you will not be able to travel within its validity. So you have to apply for VISA later.

    Generally Singapore tourist VISA is obtained easily and rejection is very rare. If your documents are in order (like your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of scheduled entry in Singapore) you will get the VISA approval in 1 day.

    I will advise you to go through the procedure at the site - - before applying for VISA.

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  • There is another way that if you are travelling to other Far east countries like Malaysia or Indonesia etc. and got their visa first then you can get on-arrival visa in Singapore for short stays like max 3 to 7 days. You just need to show the on-going travel tickets and supporting documents (other countries visa and stays in Singapore for few days etc.) so that this way there would be no need to apply for e-visa.

    If you are particularly visiting or touring just Singapore then you have to approach either Singapore embassy with supporting documents or get in touch with your travel agents to assist you on this. Happy Journey.


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