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    What do I do with my used Airtel DTH antenna?

    Do you want to sell your used Airtel DTH antenna? Ask our technical experts to come up with the best suggestion, how to go about it.

    What do I do with my used Airtel DTH antenna? It is in good working condition. Is there a market to sell it in Hyderabad, India? It also comes with a 60 metres cable. They were sparingly used by my brother-in-law and after he got transferred, It is just lying idle and we want to dispose it off, at the earliest.
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  • DTH antenna is categorised under ewaste though primarily it consists of metal and plastic parts. One can try through local cable operators for its sale on one to one relation basis but otherwise there is only scrap value for it.

    Anyway if one is interested for its proper disposal as ewaste then there are online companies which collect it or it can be physically given at their collection centers.

    Some of such online entities are -

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  • Well, sadly enough, there should have been a stronger market for those items. But, that does not seem to be the case - at least in India. They are only as good as scrap and nothing more.

    One of the best uses you can put them to would be to ask any of your relatives or friends if they would want to make use of it. Maybe someone has his DTH antenna damaged due to wear and tear and planning to replace it. In such cases, this spare dish can be of practical usage. Apart from that, I do not find any use for the product.

    Just check if there are any e-waste collection centers around your location. If they exist, it may be a good idea to dispose them off that way. Or else you may sell those items to the local scrap dealer and get a few bucks.

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  • DTH antenna which is in a working condition can be given to any of the nearby friends, a neighbour or to the person who can use it. That is the best way to help other people.

    In other way, you can give it to the nearby scrap vendor who is going you give you very less price for your DTH antenna from which you can't even by an ice-cream for your family. So it is better to give your working DTH Antenna to someone who needs it. That all, it is very simple. Try it.

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