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  • New connection offer on Airtel Digital TV by Amazon

    Read this thread to know whether the offer on Airtel Digital TV connection given by Amazon is a good one or not.

    I purchased a TV from Amazon recently. I got an activation code offer from Amazon which comes with a 35% discount on new Airtel DTH connection plus first-month subscription free. I ended up paying Rs.3620 for the two set-top boxes and the cable. Did I pay more?
    Actually, I was told by airtel care to pay Rs. 1590 ( which is the offer amount) for SOUTH NEW MEGA HD whose initial subscription amount is Rs.2000 something. I was not able to see this info on their website though. The Airtel digital executive convinced me to buy two set-top boxes for two TVs at Rs.1590 each (Total : Rs. 3180) plus he asked me to pay further Rs.440 for the cable charges.

    I had an airtel antenna already with me presented by my neighbor. The Airtel guy used the same antenna for installation. I believe the antenna costs around Rs.1000. When I told the same to Airtel customer care, they said nothing will be deducted towards the same. Is this offer some kind of a gimmick where we ended up paying the same amount or more than what you get outside? Awaiting your inputs on this. Thanks in advance.
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  • You have already got the answer from Airtel customer care about you are not getting money back for your old used materials. Whatever purchased newly, it is fully charged by the company. That's all. You should have asked them to use your old devices before buying new devices. Also, you should clear all your doubts from the customer care executive before buying new devices. Once new material is sold by any electronic company with particular price, they will deduct the cost from the actual prices based on request received from customers after the deal is over. So I think you paid what is for new devices and new plans and you did not get any discount for your old working devices and due to that you are feeling that you paid more. It is fact that there is no value for old devices in the shops from where we are buying new parts. People will always convince you to throw your old material and go with their new products.

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