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    How to transfer 2 wheeler in someone else's name?

    Planning to sell your 2 wheeler? Read this thread to know the procedure to transfer it in the buyer's name and the legal processes to be followed.

    I want to sell my scooty to a buyer. How to transfer all the papers in buyers name? What are all the legalities to be followed? Please help me with the processes.
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  • Well, the procedure is quite simple when you have all the necessary documents with you. You will need to inform the concerned RTO about your intention to sell off the vehicle.

    Once you have made the decision and the financial transactions have been decided, make sure you hand over all the documents to the buyer.
    1. RC Book (registration certificate) of the vehicle.
    2. PUC certificate
    3. Tax certificates
    4. A copy of the insurance certificate for the bike
    5. Form No 28 - Transfer of ownership
    6. Form No 29 - No Objection certificate
    7. Form No 30 - Intimation of transfer

    I would also advise you to ensure that the insurance for the bike is also transferred to the buyer. You can do this by following the steps here below -

    1. Visit your insurance provider and indicate your intention of selling the vehicle. Get the No Claim Bonus certificate from them if applicable. This would make sure that the accumulated no claim bonus remains in your name. You can make use of this No Claim Bonus to avail discount for your next policy for the new bike you buy.
    2. The buyer will approach the insurance company to get the new policy registered.
    3. Intimidate the concerned RTO about the transfer of insurance policy.

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  • When you want to sell your two wheeler then its registration in the RTO office will be transferred in the name of buyer and for that you have to give to the buyer the vehicle registration book along with road tax payment documents (which are generally endorsed in the RC book itself), insurance papers, PUC certificate or token, duly filled and signed in forms 28, 29 and 30 for ownership transfer, NOC and intimation to RTO respectively.

    Please keep a copy these documents for your reference before giving all these to the buyer. Practically what happens that the buyer goes to RTO office and submits all the documents there for change of registered ownership of the vehicle in his name.

    Likewise he also approaches insurance office for change of insurance to his name.

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