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  • Can CD-R and DVD-R be re-used or recycled

    Are you keen to know if CD-R and DVD-R be re-used or recycled? Our technical experts can give you the best suggestion.

    What is the use of CD-R and DVD-R since it cannot be re-written? My priority issue is to re-use it or else recycle the same. Is there a way I can re-use it or recycle it since I no longer need it? I just wanted to know if it can be of any use before disposing of it. Please suggest.
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  • The CD-R and DVD-Rs are made of polycarbonate material and sometimes they even have a tinge of gold or silver sprayed in their reflective layer which would make these CD-Rs and DVD-R highly recyclable. However, as the polycarbonate does not have any resale value and the quantity in which the precious metals are present there, is so small that it does not bring you any profit margin to recover them. So, recyclers though would accept such CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are less likely to offer any compensation for this.
    You have to just give them away to the general newspaper recyclers. They would take care of them, but they might not give you anything in return. So, instead of throwing them to the dustbins, you can accumulate and give them off to these people. That's the only way to recycle these items.
    Though you don't gain anything, the idea of recycling them would be a great contribution to the environment. So, I suggest to keep up the idea and try your luck as well.

  • Thanks for the info. Since the disc has already been written, is there a method by which the content can be erased and re-used again. I mean, is there any software that can do it?

    Also, I heard from someone that used CD-R and DVD-R discs can be used for any artwork. In this regard, could this be handed over to some appropriate people rather than dispose it to newspaper guy who would treat it like just another trash?

  • As we are aware of, CD-R and DVD-R discs are meant for a one time recording. There is no possibility of reusing them. By reusing I mean rewriting on them. And when it comes to recycling them, I am afraid that there is a market for it - but the profit margin is quite negligible.

    Since the CDs are made from poly carbonate, there is no recycling market for it. The best you can do is
    • Hand them over to people who sell old music tapes and CDs. However, it may not be a good option if the CD has any private data on it.
    • You can use them for creative art projects. I would advise you to go through the Do It Yourself videos for any ideas. If you are creative enough, you can make a couple of souvenirs with them.

    There are CD Recycling centre is countries like USA. But from the Indian context, I do not seem to have come across any similar exercise being available.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • CD R are single time write. And you can't rewrite over them. DVD R are on both side write so one side if gets written you can use another side. And DVD RW and CDRW can be reused over and over again till it gets scratches.

    CD and DVD recycling units are very less in India compared to any other countries. Some states have some of such companies which do E waste recycling to some extent. And they also collect the electronics gadget on local level. So you may want to find out in google "e waste" keyword and followed by your city and recycling keyword.

    Some of the following companies accept CDR and DVD R for recycle.
    1. E waste recycle India :
    2. Ecoreco :

    They may not be in your region, so you have to find alternative companies where you can dispose your e-waste.

    Alternatively you can go creative with the CDR and DVDR and use them for DIY crafts. That is also be good reuse of the e-waste. You can check out the below links for more information on the reuse of such e-waste into DIY craft.


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