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    Best smartphone which work like a computer

    Want to buy the best smartphone which works like a computer? Read this thread to know the best options from our technical experts.

    I want a smartphone which works like a computer which should be under Rs.20000.
    I had used mobiles which doesn't work like computers. Whenever I browse some pages it comes with something missing as compared to the computer. So please suggest me some nice mobiles.
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  • In general, the computer is different from smartphone, both physically and because of some features. However, many features of the computer can be found in a smartphone including typing, files, draft, photos and browsing etc.

    The small device can't accommodate the same facility and features of the desktop or laptop. But, there are many features including camera for the better photos and videos, low light features, touch keypad, unique OS, Calling (SIM) option, easy to carry around etc. can be found in smartphone only in comparison to computer or laptop / desktop etc.

    There are many branded smartphones that come under 10k and the above-said budget would bring great features (including 4GB RAM / 64GB memory etc.) that can be used like a computer though it can't be completely used as computer (laptop or desktop) type features.

    If you are looking for similar one then you may try for a Tablet PC which helps you to attach the keyboard and can use like a computer, more or less, precisely.


  • Conceptually speaking, every smartphone today can be called as a mini computer, as it can perform almost all of the computing tasks. But as the physical size of the smartphones is very less in comparison to a computer, there would be some basic difference in the way it would work.
    The other differences would be the size of RAM, the ease of operation and the screen size.
    While browsing the internet, the way you can access multiple tabs, won't be the same in a smartphone. The way you scroll down would also not be the same in both the devices.
    As the keyboards are also different in kind, things would appear different.
    Now coming to the websites, each of them needs to have two different versions to wear a user-friendly look and interface. In most cases, the sites have a desktop version and a mobile-friendly version.
    So, what you are talking about, that is the missing components that you find in mobile,m would be the same whichever mobile you choose to use.
    But if you want a portable device that would work like a computer, but be smaller than a laptop, you can try using a tablet instead of smartphones, or even notebooks or netbooks are good options as far as portability and price are concerned.
    So, there is no point in suggesting you any mobile or smartphones on this ground.

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