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  • Inquiry about Lenovo k8 plus

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    I am about to purchase a Lenovo k8 plus so I have some questions about the device. I wanted to know if the Lenovo k8 plus can play 4k content? Also, is the ram available on Lenovo k8 plus is ddr3 or ddr4? Appreciate your help!
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  • Hi Rabbil, please post your query in our Ask Experts section where all the technical experts would be able to help you out. In the process you too get a small token of cash credit for each technical query you post.

  • Thank you for the suggestion! ?

  • No, Lenovo k8 Plus can only play videos in full HD resolution. It cannot play 4K videos.
    Coming to RAM, it comes only with a 4GB RAM and it is only the Z2 model that comes with ddr4 RAM and not the k8 Plus model.

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