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    Connection of Laptop to PC via LAN

    Do you need to make a Connection of Laptop to PC via LAN? Our technical experts can guide you through a step-by-step process.

    I have :
    1. Laptop with Windows 10 (with no LAN port)
    2. Desktop PC with Windows 8 (with LAN port)
    3. USB to Ethernet Connector
    4. RJ45 LAN Cable

    I am unable of connecting them, as I am unaware of the process.
    There is also a CD with USB to Ethernet Connector. In which computer do I need to install?
    Please explain with a step-by-step instruction.
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  • In order to connect to your laptop to a PC via a LAN you need to insert one end of the crossover cable into the laptop's Ethernet port. In any of the case you can use either of the cables at any end of both the devices. Next is to put the free end of the crossover cable into the port on the PC's Ethernet adapter. Then click on the windows start button on the laptop.

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