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  • Can I use 4G in Samsung note 4 sm910h?

    Are you looking for answers if you can use 4G in Samsung note 4 sm910h? Here are the best replies from our technical experts.

    I have a Samsung note 4 sm910h. It seems it doesn't have any LTE support or whether it does, I don't know. I read a thread somewhere that the sm910c and sm910h have the same hardware because both having the Exynos. So is it possible to flash the ROM of the sm910c in sm910h and also is the modem same in both phones? Can I switch to LTE then? Can you help me, please?
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  • Samsung Note-4 sm910h smart phone was the model released for Asia pacific areas and is based on GSM/ HSPA/ LTE technology.

    It fully supports 4G as per its LTE technology.

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  • But in network modes it only shows wcdma/gsm , wcdma only and gsm only . No lte mode.

  • And right now I am in India.

  • I think it is something to do with your service provider.
    Generally in these phones there are two SIM slots and slot 1 is meant for 4G sim card and slot 2 is for 2G/3G.
    Please check whether you have really a 4G sim card in your phone in slot 1 or not.

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  • Hi Tsewang, Samsung Note-4 sm910h doesn't support 4G according to its specifications and that's the reason you are not getting any option as LTE in your Network Mode.

  • The model Samsung Note 4 SM910H is meant for Asia Pacific region. It should be able to support 4G in the region it is marketed for. Using a phone meant for Asia Pacific region in India will not let you get 4G connectivity. You should remember that the 4G bands allocated in India are entirely different from the ones allocated in the Asia Pacific. That would make it unable to get the signals of 4G in India. That is precisely why it is not showing the 4G connectivity under network settings.

    As long as my knowledge goes, the model of Samsung Note 4 meant for the Indian region is SM-N910G.
    And yes, even if you install the custom, the phone will continue to receive signals from the specified frequencies alone. You will never be able to get 4G connectivity.

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  • Samsung note 4 sm910h does not have the VOLTE. The VOLTE is being supported by the JIO and Airtel. As the lack of VOLTE requires the SIM to have fallback network JIO has no 3G network to support. And the phone has no 4G VOLTE support either. So either way the device is not able to support 4G. It can support 3G with LTE functionality. And the phone should be able to work with any telecom operator except Reliance JIO.

    There is no software setting or the hardware changes that you can do to make it work. The bands for LTE does not support the JIO network. Also this does not include Indian bands currently working for 4G. So the phone does not support the modern 4G network usage.

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