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  • Deleting files in USB pen drive through mobile using OTG cable

    Are you facing trouble while deleting files in USB pen drive when it is connected to your smartphone using OTG cable? Ask our technical experts for the best solution.

    I am having one OTG cable, using which, I am transferring data from my smart phone to pen drive and like that. I deleted some files of pen drive for the first time when it was connected to the smartphone through OTG. It deleted those files but when I used this pen drive with my laptop it gave the problem of reading and hanged. Before the deletion, this did not happen.

    Can we not delete the files in pen drive when it is connected to the smartphone with an OTG cable?
    Anyone having any idea on this?
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  • You can delete, copy or move files and folders easily from smartphone to pen drive and vice-versa. I don't know how and why are you facing such issues. May be it can be a malware or virus problem therefore you should scan the pen drive with some antivirus software.
    If that does not solve the issue then take the backup of the data of your pen drive and format it. Its one time issue and trust me I never faced any such issue while deleting data from pendrive through smartphone.
    I am personally using a 32 GB pendrive and I often connect it with my smartphone to transfer the movies and videos which I download in my phone and I also delete old movies and videos and it still works fine. I have never faced any thing like that.

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