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    Windows 10 User account recovery

    Are you facing trouble with Windows 10 User account recovery issue? Our technical experts can help you through.

    While running an anti hacker software on my laptop I was asked to run it as the Administrator. Having done so & after completion, I was forced to login as administrator with no password & limited rights. then I found my user account was no longer available and I cannot run any other program even after downloading it on my hard drive.

    Can someone help me out with this issue?
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  • Here are some ways you can try out to recover your lost Windows 10 user account:

    Log in with another Administrator Account
    If you are having another user account on the system (which generally people create) log into that account and try to reset the password for the particular user account that you have lost. Remember, you need to know the password or someone (a family member) having an account on the system and having the access to an Administrator.
    Then follow these steps:
    Press the Windows key + R
    Type there: 'control userpasswords2'
    Press the Enter key
    Select the particular account and click on Reset password
    Enter the new password, confirm it and then click OK

    Login with Microsoft account
    If you don't have an existing account with Microsoft, create one from the following link:
    Then select the situation similar to yours and click Next.
    Fill your email address and enter the captcha code that is given.
    Then select your preferred method of receiving the code and click Send Code.
    Once you get the code, type it and click Next to go to the recover your account page.

    Another Alternative
    If nothing works then the best option would be to undergo a custom Windows installation process. Create a new account and with that, you can recover your personal files from the Windows' old folders and then reinstall your applications and even drivers. It would be time-consuming, but that's the only option which could save your documents. To do this follow these steps:

    First, start Booting from your Windows setup media
    After selecting your Language, Keyboard Method and Time, click Next
    Press Install now
    Wait till the Setup starts
    Accept the terms and license and click Next
    Choose Custom
    Select a Primary Partition and then click Next
    Once the setup is complete, you can then browse through the root of the system drives and recover your personal files directly from the Windows.old folder.

  • It seems you ran some application which essentially blocked your admin account. And now you'd have to recover the account which may not work. Or, you have to reinstall the Windows 10. Traditional recovery method may not work because you installed something that leads to account deletion. So that part needs to be rolled out and it's only possible with re-installation or format option. Before you do that check if the below method works for you. And if not, then go for format and recovery.

    Follow the steps below.

    1. Press Windows Key + R.
    2. In the search bar open, Type control userpasswords2
    3. Hit enter and it should open one dialog box.
    4. Check if your account is listed here. If not see the "new" button and create admin account from there.
    5. If you do see the account listed here, just reset the password.
    6. Reboot the machine.

    This should fix your problem but considering the account you had as admin is not much available. I suggest going for reinstall of operating system to get back admin account and undo the changes of anti hack software.

  • It is clear that for recovering password of administrator account from your PC, you should have a second admin account in your system. But, in most of cases systems are not having an option for second admin account.

    When there is no second admin account available in your PC, you can not recover admin account password from your PC by using other standard user accounts which has no administrative privilege.

    Now, you need to use third software like 'Hiren's Boot' software utility for resetting admin password from your system.

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