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    What is the AIR GESTURE feature of Samsung Galaxy S IV?

    Air Gesture is the most exciting and talked about feature after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4. You could hover and do amazing things like start/stop a song, and manage web pages. Read more here.

    Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S IV in New York City US on March 14 (i.e the early morning hours of March 15 in India). Many of us must have watched the live video of the launch by Samsung. I heard about the revolutionary feature AIR DISPLAY of the new smartphone. Can someone explain this feature to me?
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  • Air gesture is a new feature in Samsung Galaxy S4 which is the most awaited model from Samsung. Though it is also available in Galaxy Note, the features are better in this smartphone. It allows the user to change the songs by simply waving the hands on the screen. The waving of hands also switch the tabs in the browser, slide up and down in a page. You can also attend the calls without touching the device through air gesture. Simple flick in the wrist will list out the teleport. It is also used for navigation in the phone contents such as pictures, gallery, apps and so many navigation features in the mobile. It is much advanced and easier compared to the previous version.

  • Samsung galaxy S4 was unveiled yesterday with some new features. In that one of the best and new feature was Air Gesture. It sounds as this is the first smartphone to have this feature. Air Gesture allows the users to pick up calls by just swiping their hand over the device without touching the screen. You can control maximum features of the phone without even touching it. So, thus it makes the work simple as we need not touch the screen for each and every thing.

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  • In normal gesture feature you need to touch the screen but in Galaxy S4 you need not touch the screen. You can swipe over the screen to do any task based on gesture. In one official press meet, Samsung unveiled that they implemented this Air gesture option to accept calls, change music, browse web and photos. In dial-pad you can set speed dial and view it by placing your finger over the screen pointing the number where you set a contact for speed dialing. This gesture feature will be very useful when user is wearing gloves and with dirty and wet hands etc.

  • Samsung galaxy S4 comes with lots new unique features like eye tracking and health tracking. The AIR gesture allow users to navigate through loaded application by waving their hand over the screen. This is a smart way to increase easy navigation in a giant 5 inch screen.
    This feature also help you change music, attend calls etc with out actually touching the screen.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a special features called air gesture, adapt display and many more. Air Gesture is one of the best features in which the navigation, playing games and audio/video file and even attending a call is made simple with movement of hand over screen. We don't need to touch the screen instead we can just move the finger in air to related area so that the motion is detected by sensors and signals are fed to the further processing. It is very coolest features. Thanks to Samsung for this creativity.

  • The new Air Gesture feature makes the working so simple and easy for users. Normally we need to touch the screen to perform any operation on the phone but in this new feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 we do not need to touch the screen. To perform any task on gesture, you just need to swipe over the screen and the phone will automatically perform the task for you. This air gesture feature can be used for many operations like accepting calls, browsing the web, changing the music, and photos. There is one more advantage of this gesture feature i.e. now you can use your phone even when you are wearing gloves or your hand are dirty and wet. You can set speed dial number in dial pad and anytime view it by placing your finger over the screen just where you set the contact for speed dialing. There are some more unique features in Samsung Galaxy S4 like eye scrolling, health tracking, adapt display and much more. The air gesture feature make the operation of these features easy and smooth. The new Air View feature in the Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you preview information by just hovering your finger over the screen. And with Air Gesture, you can control the phone without even touching it.

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