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    I want to buy a new scooty in 2017 with a budget of Rs.60,000

    Want to buy a new scooty this year within a budget of Rs.60,000? Our technical experts would guide you in choosing the best one.

    I want to buy a new stylish scooty with good performance which is best in class, good mileage and includes charging port. My previous scooty was Hero Maestro Deluxe which was not that impressive.
    I don't know which is the best option in the market. Is it Honda Dio or Yamaha Fascino or any other. Please guide me to pick up the right one.
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  • According to your needs I'm providing you the sorted scooters from the market. The scooters which are in trend are Activa 4G, TVS Jupiter and Hero Maestro Edge. These scooters are best according to your demand and right now they are performing much more better than other in the same segment. The price of the scooters are under Rs.60,000. The specifications of the scooters are as follows:-

    1. Engine & Tranasmission
    All the scooters are of 110 cc which are performing better than others. Honda Activa 4G has a engine displacement of 109.2 cc, Jupiter has displacement of 109.7 cc and Hero Maestro Edge has displacement of 100cc. Max power produced by Activa 4G has 8bhp@7500rpm, TVS Jupiter has 7.80 bhp @7,500rpm and 8.31bhp @ 8,000 rpm.

    2.Dimensions and Chasis
    In terms of weight Maestro Edge has the heighest weight of 110 Kg and the other two scooters are of 108 Kg weight. Overall length wise Maestro Edge is the longest and Activa 4G has the least length. ground clearence of TVS Jupiter is the largest that is 1,275mm and Activa 4G has the least 1,238 mm clearence.

    3.Fuel efficiency and Performance
    Maestro Edge has 5.50 Litres fuel tank capacity whereas Activa 4G has 5.30 Litres capacity. Jupiter has the least 5 litres fuel tank capacity.

    Honda Activa 4G (Standard BS IV)- Rs 52,461
    TVS Jupiter (MillionR)- Rs 57,396
    Hero Maestro Edge(VX)- Rs 53,434

  • Here is a list of the best possible scooters that are making rounds within a budget of Rs.60000. Since you have a preference on Yamaha Fascino and Honda Dio, let us check them out first.

    1. Yamaha Fascino
    This model from Yamaha has an engine of 113 cc displacement that is able to generate a Max Power 7 bhp @ 7,500 rpm and also a maximum Torque. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle is 46kmpl. The scooty has a fuel tank is of 5 liters which is quite sufficient.
    Price: Rs 57000 approximately.

    2. Honda Dio
    Among the wide range of Honda two wheelers, Honda Dio has earned quite a good user rating because of its 109 cc engine that is generating a max power of 6 bhp @ 7,500 rpm. The mileage of this scooty is 66Kmpl and it has a fuel tank capacity of 6 liters.
    Price: Rs. 52,805

    3. Honda Aviator
    This is a grand looking scooter and is ruling over other models of scooters in recent days. It comes with the same engine you get in the Honda Dio and in the Honda Activa. It empowers 109 cc.
    Price: Rs 54k approx.

    4. TVS Jupiter
    In 2017 Jupiter has become one of the best selling brands of two wheelers. Powered by a 109cc engine it can ride up to 56 kmpl in average. It can generate a max power of 7.80 bhp @ 7,500 rpm. The scooty weighs 108kgs.
    Price: Rs. 55,124

    5. Honda Activa 3G
    Honda Activa is yet another model from Honda which went selling like hot cakes this year. The Activa 3G model is running on a 109.20 cc engine that is able to give out a Max Power of 8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm. What is most attractive about this scooty its fuel efficiency that gives 60kmpl on highways and more or less 50 kmpl in the cities. It has a comparatively bigger fuel tank that can store up to 5 litres.
    Price: Rs 53k

  • There are many scooters as Yamaha Ray-Z, Honda Activa 125, Hero Maestro, Yamaha Alpha etc are available in the market and costing less than Rs 60000.

    Out of the above I will suggest for Honda Activa 125 as it has got a very powerful engine of 124 cc capacity and can generate a maximum Power of 9 bhp @ 6500 rpm. Apart from this it has a puncture resistant tubeless tyres. The 5 litres of fuel tank capacity is also quite good and sufficient to cover 250 km safely with a claimed average of 54 km/ltr.

    The price of this scooter for its standard version is approx. Rs 59000

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