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  • Is there any difference in the performances between standard LED TV and Smart TV?

    Is there any difference in the performances between standard LED TV and Smart TV? Our technical experts can give you the right answers.

    I want to buy LG 32 inches full HD TV. But the features I want are in LG smart TV. If I buy an LG smart TV and use like standard LED TV (I mean I don't use any internet),
    would there be any difference in the performance? I am asking this because I saw in reviews for Smart TV that there are hangs, picture quality issues, etc. So please help me.
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  • There are various models of LG 32 " TVs. Some of them are smart while others are not. In some models there is some issue of color clarity, specially the full black color issue. Otherwise there are no such issues like hanging etc.

    If you give the exact model number we can find out the features and make a one to one comparison between the two.

    For example LG 32LJ523D 32 Inch HD is not a smart TV while LG 32LH576D 32 Inch HD is a smart TV.

    Within the same size there are so many models that it is difficult to compare them just like that.

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  • The first difference between a Smart TV and a normal TV is that, the smart one can access the internet through its Wi-Fi system, while the standard or normal one cannot. A few Smart TVs currently are even having the facility of running apps that has been built into the TV.
    But, if you are talking about performance, then it would involve a lot of factors which have got nothing to do with the picture quality. In other words, the picture quality doesn't have any link with a TV being smart or ordinary. What matters, is the display type, for example, a smart TV can either have an LED display or have an LCD display. Currently the HD display mode that are said to be displaying best quality pictures. Again, within HD display, there are two varieties, normal HD and Full HD.
    So if you buy an LED TV with any kind of HD Display, you won't have to worry about the picture quality. Buying a smart TV on other hand is just getting a few more facilities added to it, which we didn't have in the standard ones.

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  • Performance wise there is no difference. You get same picture quality if both of them are HD Ready TV or HD enabled. Only difference between regular LED TV and the smart TV is in the software. Smart TV has the software ready for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube.

    That's something is missing with the standard TV. HD ready TV don't have good picture performance for the streaming from say netflix type services. In this case you may find Full HD TVs would be performing better. Netflix has HD support for higher plans. And so does Youtube and others. So that part will be possible to be seen there. Mostly streaming sites performance is internet quality dependent too.

    However compared to the normal LCD TV, you'd find the standard LED and Smart LED TV to be performing lot better in that case.

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