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  • Why battery driven electric cars are not picking up in India?

    Why are battery driven electric cars not picking up in India? Let's see what our technical experts have to say.

    Battery driven electric cars are good transport means for small distances in cities and towns. It has an additional advantage that these are pollution free. The running cost of these cars is also very low.
    In spite of all these positive factors these cars are not picking up in the market and the car manufacturers do not seem to be enthusiastic about it. What could be the reasons for this?
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  • In India there is many problems that are resisiting the growth of the Electric Vehicles market.
    Some of the problems that I get to know are:-
    1.Electric cars after getting fully charged can only go on for few kilometres like Mahindra E20 (P8 72v) can only go to 130 Kms if fully charged when AC is kept on. This make the car limited.
    2. Electric charging stations are also not available throughout the city so it makes difficult to handle these cars.
    3. If you will according to price then these cars are costly according to the market of India and right now till the arrival of foreign car companies like Tesla there is low scope of these cars.
    4. These cars can only be used within a city because of the limitations in Kilometres.

  • Electric scooties are receiving good response from people and lakhs of people are using them but when it comes to cars, people seem less enthusiastic because of its limitations and price. However, the running cost is very less for electric cars but it costs more than a budget petrol or diesel cars. Also as told by Alok, there are no charging stations available in all the cities.
    When you are in an emergency situation, it may be that your car may be discharged and you will feel helpless. I think government must take initiative and encourage to use electric cars and buses as means of transport by providing enough charging stations all over the country. This way people will be aware of its low cost, greater efficiency and environment friendliness.

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