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  • How to connect mobile phone to TV and see the mobile live programs in TV?

    Are you keen to know how to connect a mobile phone to TV and see the mobile live programs in TV? Our technical experts can throw light on this.

    Is there a method through which we can connect our mobile phone to TV and see the audio/video live contents on TV screen? I am not aware but should we require some gadget to accomplish this? Can someone give some idea how to do it and what are the accessories required? Whether the resolution on TV screen will be satisfactory or not is also my concern.

    If there is a specific gadget then from where it can be obtained? Even if someone is aware of the theoretical way to do it please share your knowledge.
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  • Streaming video, photos or online content on your tv doesn't require any rocket science. Most of the smart T.V manufacturers provides option to connect your phone with your smart TV through Wi-Fi. Once connected you can stream YouTube directly on your T.V by choosing streaming icon.
    You can also take the help of Android apps if you are using android device like iMediashare - Photos & Music, this app let you connect your smartphone with your T.V easily through wireless. The app will guide you on how to connect your TV with your phone step by step.
    You can also connect your phone by using HDMI port which you can buy from all the major online shopping website like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc.

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